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Ruppin Senior-Müsli

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The Ruppin Senior Müsli has particularly positive effects on fur, skin and intestines due to its high oil content. The product is very suitable for feeding both older and younger horses.

20 kg bag


Spelled in husks, rolled; corn flakes; barley, thermally treated; linseed cake flakes, cold pressed; Alfalfa leaves; wheat bran; beet molasses; brewer's grains; brewer's yeast; linseed oil, cold pressed; calcium carbonate; monocalcium phosphate; sodium chloride; magnesium oxide

Analytische Bestandteile und Gehalte (je kg)

  • Crude protein: 13,5%
  • Crude fiber: 8,0%
  • Raw fat & raw oil: 5,4%
  • Raw ash: 8,4%
  • Calcium: 1,3%
  • Potassium: 0,9%
  • Phosphorus: 0,6%
  • Magnesium: 0,4%

Zusatzstoffe (je kg)

  • Vitamin A (3a672a): 44.400 I.E.
  • Vitamin D/VItamin D3 (3a671): 2.595 I.E.
  • Vitamin E (3a700): 1.244 mg
  • Zink-Zn(3b603) als Zinkoxid: 350 mg
  • Zinksulfat (3b605): 105 mg
  • Mangan aus Mangan-(II)-oxid (3b502): 109 mg
  • Kupfer-Cu aus Kupfer-(II)-sulfat, Pentahydrat (3b405): 78 mg
  • Eisen-Fe aus Eisen-(II)-sulfat. Monohydrat (3b103): 
  • Jod-J als Calciumjodat, wasserfrei (3b202): 2,5 mg
  • Kobalt-Co als gecoatetes Cobalt-(II)-carbonat-Granulat (3b304): 1,05 mg
  • Selen-Se aus Natriumselenit (3b801): 1,14 mg
  • Technischer Zusatzstoff: Calciumpropionat (E282)


  • 250 g / 100 kg body weight per day

This supplementary feed may only be fed up to 32% (4.4 kg) of the total ration per animal and day due to the higher content of trace elements compared to complete feed.